Module 4 Unit 1   Advertising      Task  教案-徐州市第二中学
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Module 4 Unit 1   Advertising      Task  教案

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Teaching goals:

After previewing the learning materials on Page 12-17

1. I’ll guide students to practise the language skills of listening, speaking by designing Role 1.

2. Students will learn how to express their own opinions.

3. Students will get a chance to make comments using the previous steps.  

Step one: Assignment checking

Before class, students read the learning materials on Page12 to master the descriptions of statistics. (Role 1 Department of sales ) Two or three groups will present the table and analyze the statistics on Page 13. On one hand, they can check their outcome of preview work, on the other hand, they can practice their speaking skills.

Step two:

In class, students discuss and conclude the ways to express opinions and list reasons. (Role 2 Office of secretary ). They will list useful information on the blackboard for future use.

Q1. When we express opinions, we tell what we think or feel about things,

Q2. We can use the following patterns to list more than one reason,

Step three:

(Role 3  Department of management)

Students will make comments on some advertisements.

If they have any question on how to make comments, they can first put it forward within their group, then ask other groups for help.


          评分细则   scoring criterion (数目不限)

得分scores  (总分10’





















Step four: Consolidation & assignment.

Q: What factors contribute to a good advertisement?

Next period, we will go on with the last period of this unit to make an advertisement campaign. Please preview Page 18-19 and make good preparations for our study. Thank you!